What is included in the VBLED All-in Warranty?

The warranty covers original defects or faults, such as hidden and/or technical defects of the product, which occurred before delivery. Our customers are expected to use the product according to the standard use of the item and according to the recommendations in the installation manual and product descriptions. This includes the following:

Use the products as intended, as described on the website and/or in the installation manual.
The ambient temperature must be between -20° and +30° for LED bulbs.
The ambient temperature must be between -30° and +45° for LED tubes and other lamps.
The humidity must be below 80%.
There should be 10mm space around the bulb and the luminaire.
The product can be turned on and off up to 50,000 times.
The number of volts should not differ from 230 V by more than 10%.
Barite International Ltd. will not be responsible for any monetary loss or loss of business, such as installation costs. We only pay for the product cost itself.