ZigBee LED lighting setup

ZigBee setup, control and integration questions

What do you need for ZigBee controls?
For ZigBee control, the first thing you need is a ZigBee capable gateway like the following:
Philips HUE Bridge, Amazon Alexa Echo or Studio with ZigBee Hub integrated, Homee, Tuya Gateways and others like Conbee.

Then the appropriate app / software suitable for the gateway used.
As with HUE, there is also the Essential App as extensions that can help you with the ZigBee setup and control.

Why does my ZigBee system not find the controller / lamp?
With some systems and software versions it can happen that the controller / lamps or bulbs are not found the first time.
Remedy is to perform a reset (depending on the instructions), the device first de-energize and then start the search for new devices.
If the search is started then give power to the new device and it is found in most cases immediately.

Are all ZigBee devices compatible?
In principle, all ZigBee devices and products are compatible with each other and thus allow the use of different manufacturers / brands.

However, there are differences depending on the manufacturer.
A HUE gateway is primarily designed for lighting and corresponding accessories such as sensors and wall switches / remote controls to control lamps.
A control of thermostats or blinds is not planned and therefore these devices are not recognized. A Homee or an Alexa againrum can control not only different manufacturers but also different types of ZigBee devices.

So it depends on the used system but basically the ZigBee devices are compatible.

Small tip
If you still want to switch a 230V device at least ON/OFF via a HUE you can use article 9127P. Regardless of whether it is really a lamp or not (no dimming function).